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NYC Living: April

Spring is here and it feels so nice to be back in New York🌸! This past month was busy settling back into the apartment, catching up on our To-Do list and getting back into the swing of things. Below is a roundup of thing's I've done this past month.


One of my favorite things that happened over the month was finally finding a bar cart for our living room. I was on the hunt for one in Florida and had my heart set on thrifting one, but we never came across anything great. Once we got back, I did a little more searching and ended up purchasing one on Wayfair. I'm glad we waited because we did thrift some neat pieces in Florida that pull the whole bar cart together. (PS - thrifting finds post to come soon!)

TO EAT: Some favorite new spots

Village Square Pizza (East Village location): 145 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003.

I came across Village Square Pizza's Instagram page while I was in Florida and felt like I was being trolled our entire time there because I truly believe NY pizza is the best. Naturally, we went there the weekend got back😂. The hype was real because these slices are some of the best pizza I have ever had. They have a location in the West Village as well.

RH Rooftop Restaurant New York: 9 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014.

Another place I tried for the first time this past month was the rooftop restaurant located in Restoration Hardware. I went for a friend's birthday and it couldn't have been a lovelier experience. The weather was perfect to sit outdoors, the service was great and the food was ah-mazing. Highly recommend going for a girl's lunch and ordering pretty much all the appetizer options (like the crispy artichoke hearts and truffle parm fries).

TO VISIT: Hampton Bays

We headed over to the Hamptons last weekend and it was such a great way to soak up the spring weather. We had a lobster broil (which was a first and also, probably the last lol), went to two wineries in Southampton and went to a thrift store called Antiques Center.

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