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NYC Living: August

It has been a hot and muggy month in New York to say the least, so I've spent my time indoors (mostly working) and spending the weekends in air-conditioned restaurants. Below is a roundup of things I've done, which mostly consist of eating and drinking 😋.

(Photos in order of restaurants below)

Places to eat & drink 🍸🍝

Bar Pitti - We finally went to this old-school Italian gem in the West Village. While we didn't see any celebs, we ate plenty of carbs and drank delicious wine.

Emmy's Squared - A new neighborhood-favorite on the Upper East Side. This was our first time going and their deep-dish pizzas were so good.

Gitano Garden of Love - This place seems to have gotten a lot of buzz on Instagram and TikTok. I went here with a few girlfriends and while it was in the middle of a down pour, the vibe was really fun! You're surrounded by palm trees and a disco ball in the middle of Manhattan...what more is there to ask for?

Ladurée - This is my favorite spot to get macaroons and other Parisian pastries. You can sit outside at one of the cast iron tables and live your best Marie Antoinette life.

NoMo Soho - Located in a hotel, this is a great vibe to enjoy fancy cocktails and yummy food with girlfriends or a small group of friends.

Ralph's Coffee - This is an adorable and Instagram-worthy café located in one of the Ralph Lauren stores on the Upper East Side.

Stella 34 Trattoria - I recently went here for the first time and was caught off guard at first since it was located on the bed and bath floor in the Macy's department store. Once you get to the back, there's a beautiful restaurant with floor to ceiling windows and subway tile floors. They have a great lunch menu and selection of cocktails (if you're one for a midday beveragino 💁🏻‍♀️).

UES (speakeasy) - On the outside, this little place looks like a regular ice cream shop but the inside is a different story. When you walk in, it's an actual ice cream shop but once you open a little box and flip a switch, an ice-cream carton filled wall opens up and you can enter inside the Speakeasy. This place is pretty small, but it has high ceilings and fun decor that add to the classic NY charm.

Uva Next Door - Not to be confused with the restaurant Uva (located next door...thus the name). This place had a really cute and cozy ambiance and the pizza is really good!

(You can also get more info on restaurants in my most-recent NYC food & drink guide).

Things to do 💅🏻🏃🏼‍♀️

Paintbox - There used to be two locations, but now the only salon is located on the Upper East Side. They do regular and gel designs and only work with your natural nails (no tips or acrylics). They also just came out with their fall lookbook.

Central Park Walks - Since it's been so hot out, really the only other activity besides eating and drinking has been going for morning walks through Central Park. One of my favorite spots to walk through is the Belvedere Castle, which you can get to through the 79th St Central Park entrance. I only recently found out there was an actual castle in the middle of Central Park and it has beautiful views!

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