My mom, Maid of Honor and friends threw me the picture-perfect Bridal Shower in the beginning of May. Since traditionally the Bride isn't supposed to plan the shower, I tried to resist my urges and allow them to put it all together - and they did an amazing job! My love for Audrey Hepburn and Tiffany's came to life and I had the best brunch surrounded by lots of love, friends and family and mimosas.


Spring is right around the corner! If you’re a Bride this season and are still struggling on perfecting your hairdo for your big day, I’ve got your covered. Your wedding day can be overwhelming as it is with the little decisions, so I’m here to tell you to take a deep breath —exhale— and look at the different ways that you can spruce up your hair.

Naturally since it’s Springtime, flowers are always the first thing that come to mind. You might be thinking that flowers in your hair may be for, I don’t know, flower girls but they can look just as beautiful for a glowing bride-to-be!

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Travel Polaroids


You’ve picked your dress, now it’s time to find the perfect dress for your bridesmaids.

 The more girls you have in your wedding, the harder it can be to accommodate everyone’s comfort and needs, but it can be done! There are different routes you can go down when it comes to picking your bridesmaids dresses and I’m here to help you (or at least try)!


and how you can too.

OK, so probably one of the most important decision you make while you’re engaged is finding the dress…and I’m not talking about just a dress, but the dress. You know, the white one you wear on your wedding day where you take photos in looking like a princess? Yeah, that one.

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When you try on the dress, you should immediately feel it. When I tried on my dress, it was the fifth place I went to that weekend and my hopes weren’t high. I was tired and started feeling doubtful but as soon as I tried my dress on, I looked at my mom and my two bridesmaids and said “this is it.” I will share the rest of the story after my wedding with specifics, but the point about this post is that there are some things to really think about when you’re trying on dresses. Don’t go into an appointment seeking out your dress. You will find it when you find it-whether it takes you a month after you get engaged or six months. Take photos, twirl in it, laugh in it. These are moments that you will always treasure!

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