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Explore Newport, RI

With the end of Summer quickly approaching, we wanted to squeeze in a fun and romantic getaway. We wanted to pick a place that was a relatively quick drive from New York and landed on Newport, RI (about 3 hours away). Neither of us have ever been and I've heard nothing but great things. This New England city is so charming with waterfront views everywhere, amazing seafood and a small-town camaraderie.

Below is a roundup of things that we did and places to eat and drink!


Cliff Walk: This is a great (and free!) way to walk along the water while also passing by beautiful mansions and estates. The trail is 3.5 miles and while most of the trail is on a manicured pathway, there are some areas that you have to walk on with more caution (rocky areas).

Breaker's Mansion: Also known as one of the Vanderbilt summer estates, you can easily spend a couple hours roaming around the interior of the house as well as the gardens.

Thames Street and Bowen's Wharf: Located in the heart of downtown, this is a great area for boutique shops and restaurants.

Sailing Excursion: Since we were in Newport for a long weekend, going on a sailboat for a couple hours was something different to do and a great way to view the area. At various prices, you can rent a private boat, tag along with a small group or purchase general tickets on a bigger sailboat with a bigger group of people.

Gilded: We booked this trip with pretty short notice, so the majority of hotels were already booked up. We came across this cute Bed and Breakfast and it was super charming and welcoming! The interior decor was funky and eclectic, the rooms were cozy and the staff offered fresh breakfast and pastries (individually packed) in the morning.


Clark Cooke House: Located in the heart of downtown, this was a great spot for drinks and food. The restaurant is bigger than you'd expect and has three floors of dining.

The Black Pearl: Another restaurant located in the heart of downtown, you can eat indoors (upscale pub feel) or eat outside with their waterfront views.

The Mooring: This is one of the most popular spots in Newport and it didn't disappoint. You get waterfront views, the seafood is fantastic and the service was great.

The Vanderbilt, Auberge Collection: This restaurant is located in the Vanderbilt hotel a few blocks away from downtown. There's a beautiful little atrium / garden area where you can eat and afterwards head up to the rooftop for some drinks.

Picnic Café: This cute little café was located close to our Bed and Breakfast and I'm so glad we came across it. Their baked goods and breakfast pastries are incredible!

Salvation Café: This place is located on Broadway, which is another main street in Newport, however not quite as central to downtown. I wasn't sure what to expect because the layout seemed all over the place on the website. In the front of the restaurant, it looks like a café / more casual dining area and out back is more of a Tiki setting and if you go upstairs (where we ate), it's set like an open concept barn/loft. The food and drinks were incredible (one of my favorite meals in Newport), the staff was so nice and the overall ambiance was so chill and fun.

One Pelham East: This was the only bar / club type setting we went to. It's located a block away from the water so when you get to the top floor, the views are beautiful. We went on a Thursday night, so there was a DJ playing and an art show below (where you could walk around with drinks), but they normally have a Dueling Pianos performance on scheduled nights.

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