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Explore Waco, TX

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Guys, I crossed something off of my bucket list a few weekends ago and I'm super excited about it. I finally went to Waco, TX to visit everything Magnolia-related. If you're a big HGTV fan and even bigger Chip and Jo fan, you probably know what I'm talking about 💁.

I have family in Houston and for years we've been talking about having a girl's weekend and driving to Waco. My mom and I flew down to Texas for a few days and we made our way to Waco for a quick 24 hours. I will say if you live in Texas and Waco is relatively close, you can explore everything in one day. If you're visiting from a further place, a weekend is enough time to hit all the Magnolia spots and explore.

Below is a roundup of where we stayed and what we did during our time there!


We wanted to get the authentic experience with staying in Waco, so we stayed at an Airbnb that was renovated by a couple who were featured on an episode of Fixer Upper. The home was a restored 1930s home and was a couple minute drive to the Silos. Everything was pretty spread out in Waco, so I would highly recommend renting a car to get around!


Magnolia Table: Located at: 2132 S. Valley Mills Dr Waco, Texas 76706

This is of course a must if you're going to Waco. One thing that caught me by surprise was that this restaurant is about a 7 minute drive from the Silos (I had always thought that their stores and businesses were on the same property). It's definitely not a far drive, but a good thing to know! I will say that if you go to Magnolia Table to eat, either go when they first open (at 6AM) or be prepared to wait about an hour and a half to two hours after 9AM. We got there around 10AM and waited close to two hours. They have a café / on-the-go section with cute outdoor seating towards the back so if you don't mind waiting, this makes the time go by quicker. I think it was worth the wait and experience. The staff was lovely and attentive and the food was really good (the lemon lavender donut holes are a must 😋)!

Magnolia Market at the Silos: 601 Webster Ave Waco, Texas 76706

This really felt like an adult Disney World (if Disney sold home decor). Everything was super organized, clean and overall impressive. When you first walk in, there's a warehouse filled with home decor, wall accents and some Magnolia merch. As you walk throughout, there's a great lawn area, food trucks and barn-like houses lined up and filled with a variety of stores. Magnolia Press and Silos Bakery Co. are also at the Silos.

Make sure to ask for a Magnolia booklet when you get there because you will get a stamp for each Magnolia-related landmark you go to and if you go to all of them, you get a prize!

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