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You Are (Virtually) Invited!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

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By now, most of us have probably attended a few FaceTime or Zoom calls to celebrate a friend or family member's birthday. With not being able to leave your home much (except for the essentials), it seems like the only time we get to catch up with our loved ones is through group chats and calls. One of the great things about the modern world we live in is how immersed in technology we are, so we really aren’t limited as to who and how we reach out to people.

Whether you or someone you know had birthday plans that you had to scrap, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t celebrate! Ok, so you may not be able to have the party you had envisioned, but you can still make it a ‘thing’ and celebrate! To make party planning seem more normal, you can still order invites and mail them out with all the party info (date, theme, zoom info, etc).

Basic Invite has everything you need, starting with invite templates that allows you to choose from an unlimited number of color combinations and has an instant online preview feature before pressing ‘submit.’

Basic Invite birthday invitations are a great way to pass some time at home and plan your (or someone else’s) virtual party. If you’re not pressed on timing, you can order custom samples of your invite so you can check out the quality before ordering more.

If you had a big birthday bash planned (like a 30th bday) and have to go back to square one, Basic Invite is a very user-friendly site and allows you to really customize the invites to fit your needs. They have a variety of milestones invites, like 50th birthday invitations for her, where you and pick and choose one that fits what you’re looking for. Another great feature is that if you have all your guest’s mailing information, the site has a free address collection service which will compile all the information on each envelope and print for free!

It’s times like these where it’s most important to not only check in on your friends and family, but plan events (virtual or self-distance gatherings) to see one another and continue to celebrate.

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